Desiring Discipleship

The message of the cross has been effective in reaching Christians but we must ask ourselves whether the church has been effective in making them biblical disciples?

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Recipe for Discipleship Pt. 4

A friend recently pointed out that discipleship is "perpetual."  Meaning it cycles through like a repeated pattern.  Such is the case with the recipe for discipleship that we have been piecing together.  

Recipe for Discipleship Pt. 3

In the Old Testament Joshua was afforded the opportunity to grow alongside of Moses. We also read of how Elisha enjoyed the prophetic mentoring of Elijah.  In the New Testament the first disciples had the advantage of physically living and learning in the presence of Jesus. Later Timothy and Titus had the advantage of living and learning in the shadow of Paul.

Recipe for Discipleship Pt. 2

If the first ingredient in the recipe for biblical discipleship is belief in the Savior then the second ingredient should be membership in a local church...Who needs Facebook Friends or Twitter Followers when you can enjoy the benefits of a family of faith!

Recipe for Discipleship

Someone has said that a person will never desire to become a disciple until he or she is first sure they are a Christian.  So if there is such a thing as a recipe for discipleship then the very first ingredient that must be added is the need for a Savior.

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